Fron MySpace to Facebook changing the culture across the planet.

There was such a time when almost everything that is floating around Facebook and Twitter was apart of MySpace. I’ve always liked MySpace better than Facebook but then this plain simple boring version of MySpace evolved for a billions of people to include those who weren’t all about artistry and hearing everyone’s profile music or thought stealing web code to create templates, using different colors and fonts were just too much to handle. I enjoyed the graphic art aspect of MySpace and being able to listen to music without needing YouTube. Seeing what’s going on in the world without reading the same font on every single page with that same blue background but Facebook still finds away to make its site just as annoying as MySpace was.

Today we pass around jpegs on funny quips and sayings with characters or funny pictures to like and share with our friends. We check in to places on Facebook and four square to let your friends stalk everywhere you go. At first we thought why do I care that Sarah joe is at Ihop? Weeks went by and more and more people did it so we kept up with the current trend. We post pictures that our parents would never have seen if it wasn’t for Facebook. They discovered they can make a Facebook page just to see what their kids are doing now. Now all the young kids who had MySpace at 12 years old and now on Facebook think that everyone else cares about their relationship they have boyfriend. Like the 1000 friends they don’t know a quarter of still give 2 shits how much you love him. How you talk about him more on Facebook than you actually talk to him in person.

Hello world!

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